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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Cure For A Gloomy Spirit

Do you have a heavy heart or the winter blahs? I get that sometimes around this time of the year, and especially after having a few beautiful days and then the cold weather returns.

A melancholy soul requires substance-finger food that's profound, both in calories and comfort. It has been my experience that the best cure is a mayonnaise, bacon, avocado and sprout sandwich, preferably accompanied by a large glass of sweet tea.

You're right, this sandwich is composed of fat. It's not good for you, and I would never recommend eating it every day, unless your cholesterol count is about eighty. But one little sandwich is not going to kill you.

If you have a gloomy spirit today, I'll meet you in the kitchen in 30 minutes and we will set the world right.

P.S. If you don't have sprouts, don't worry it works without them.


  1. As I type with one hand, I am stuffing my face with THE most delicious burger (made with ground turkey, homemade salsa & chunks of low-fat cheese) on toasted whole wheat, with lettuce & mayo. Oh and a side of slaw & small salad! That bacon, mayo, avocado sounds scrumptious, Bev!...:)JP

  2. I'm having this sandwich for lunch tomorrow. It's pretty and sunny today, but I hear it will be cold again be tomorrow, so I will need it!

  3. as i am reading this i am eating my diner. a sliced red pepper, carrots, a nectarine and a piece of string cheese sliced. the sacrifices of a slim cook!

  4. A sandwich composed of some of my favorite ingredients. Nothing like bacon and avacado together.

  5. Where the heck was I yesterday??? This sandwich should be bronzed! Avacado, bacon and mayonaise are my favorite food groups! I'm almost sure the "good" fat in the avacado will offset all the other fat. Just sayin'.......

  6. Sorry about your heavy heart and gloomy weather. I know this post is from yesterday so sorry for the late response. We are having beautiful weather here. I think the Florida spring is here to stay. Looks like it may go straight to broiling summer though. Wish you could drop by and enjoy it with me for a while. I had a BLT on toast today with a lot of good mayonaise and a glass of iced tea. If I had avacado, I would have thrown that on too.

  7. I usually feel like this in April or even May, when the Wisconsin spring can still be dreary and cold. I will try the bacon and avocado, but a visit to your kitchen would certainly be a better cure! :) Meanwhile, I hope your weather improves soon. It's awful here today, but we don't expect much out of February.


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