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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saint and Scriptures Sunday - A Favorite Meditation

I feel like a meditation today instead of scripture, but then I feel like a meditation everyday.

Our security lies now and always in our relationship with God. When we are spiritually connected, we don't lack confidence, self-assurance. We don't doubt our value to those around us. Having an active friendship with God keeps us ever aware that whatever is right for each of us at this time be be given us, that each other person in our life is also on a divinely ordained path going somewhere special to their growth.

It's unfortunate, but true, that many of us had painful experiences with other people earlier in our lives. Maybe we lost a lover or a husband/wife to someone we knew. And it's difficult to believe that what is right for us will come to us, that we need never fear another person.

We are offered a daily opportunity to take stock of our assets in order to know that we count. We are promised security and serenity each day we invite God to be our companion. We need never fear someone else's presence. Nor need we fear any new situation. With God at our side, all is well. And we'll know it.

I will make God my friend today and enjoy the ease of living.

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  1. such a wonderful post,, makes me feel invinceable,,


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