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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Potato Chip Sandwich

Don't worry, I'm really busy next week and will not have so much time to blog. I was back in The White Trash Cook Book again and found this oh so familiar old sandwich. This was our hang-over prevention food back in the day. Got home too late, drank too much and forgot to eat, Don't say you never did that! Wash this down with a Pepsi and you would feel great in the morning. The secret here is don't be using those healthy baked potato chips. You have to have the grease to soak up the alcohol.

If you have kids in college make sure they have this recipe.

Potato Chip Sandwich
1 sandwich

2 slices of bread
mayonnaise (not low fat or no fat)
potato chips

Spread the mayo generously across the bread. Pile the potato chips on to one of the slices as high as you can. Then top it with the other slice and mash down until all the potato chips are crushed.

You will be so glad in the morning you took the time to do this.


  1. i thought i was the only one that did this. 2 slices of trashy store bought white bread, thinly chipped ham, cottage cheese, cracked black pepper and as many potato chips as you can fit on it and smash down. heaven!

  2. well I never saw this before,,very interesting,,

  3. That's it - you've gone over the edge. And so early in the winter, too! I'm sending a rescue team with a tanning bed and tropical drinks.

  4. Oddly that sounds fabulous!! Would go great with the Pepsi 'n Peanuts. I used to LOVE Wonder Bread spread thick with Hellman's (Best Foods) Mayonaise.

    Don't work too hard next week!

  5. Oh too funny! Haven't heard of that sandwich...maybe we weren't trashy enough! :)I had a friend in college who came home one night drunk of course...and made herself a white bread sand with a slice of that processed cheese individually wrapped in plastic. She said it was good until she realized she forgot to take the plastic off the cheese! :))


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