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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saint and Scriptures Sunday

Lent isn't always about "giving something up". It's about making changes in our lives and acceptance. Do I think just because I've decided to watch my "smart mouth" during Lent, that after Lent I'm going to be "smart mouth" cured. I don't think so! But maybe I'll be more aware and try to continue the change.

Acceptance of those conditions that at times plague us changes not only the conditions but, in the process ourselves. Perhaps the latter change is the more crucial. As each changes, we all change into more accepting people, life's struggles ease. We accept all circumstances that we can't control, we are more peaceful. Smiles more easily fill us up.

It's almost as though life's eternal lesson is acceptance, and with it comes life's eternal blessings.

Every day offers us many opportunities to grow in acceptance and thus blessings. I can accept any condition today and understand it as an opportunity to take another step toward serenity, eternal and whole.


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