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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kindness of Strangers

Most of us expect kindness from our friends and family. Joyce at October Farm sends me care packages all the time, wonderful care packages. But this is not about Joyce today, she knows how much I love her and she is just like family.

This is about kindness of strangers or people I hardly know. It all started over the weekend with the mushrooms from Tom. Tom lives down the road and is basically a hermit. He is the son of my friend Betty. He started dropping off fresh mushrooms a few years ago and I would drop off homemade bread or jams and jellies to him. Rarely did I see him.

Monday I had to be in Walmart. There are about 6 people who work there that I just adore. Around the holidays I usually make a big box of cookies for them. Nana one of my favorites said, "I'm so happy to see you". I have something for you." She found her mother's old tin cookie cutters and wanted me have them. Can you imagine. I was thrilled!

My favorite stranger is my electric meter reader, Glenn. This is one of the nicest people you would ever want to know. During the summer I leave fresh produce on the porch for him on the day I know he will be coming. During the winter months it's cookies or small cakes. In a few days I'll get a thank you note from his wife. On Monday he knocks on my door and hands me a beautiful box of chocolates and a birthday card. Do you think I care that my birthday was last month! He made my day.

Do something nice for someone today. It's the little things that might just make someone elses day.


  1. you are my favorite person in the whole world to treat!!!

  2. You are a wonderful person, and the good you do comes back to you. xo

  3. This is very sweet. You look like my best friend Theresa. She is so much like this. She loves the world. I think you two could be twins. Hope you have a great day. Always love visitng your blog. Carol

  4. Writing my comment, I'm reading a stitchery in my LR..."Kindness Matters"...and you are living proof, Bev!...:)JP


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