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Friday, January 21, 2011

Feel Good Friday - If You Say So!

The mood I'm in is not really conducive to writing my Feel Good Friday. It's 17 degrees outside and everywhere you look there is snow. Not as much as other people have, but more than I want.

I like being outside, sunshine, flowers, green grass, vegetable gardens, visiting with the neighbors, sweet tea in the shade of the trees. taking carrots to Pepper, Candy and Wolf, the donkeys and horse, long walks down the lane with Annie and Mazzy, watching the rabbits and squirrels play. You get the picture.

But what do I have! Below freezing temperatures for what seems like forever, snow on the ground forever, layer upon layer of clothes, plus a down coat, gloves, scarf, boots. I can hardly move. If I were to fall no danger of being hurt I'd bounce right back up. It's 8:00 a.m before you ever see daylight and you better hurry because by 5:30 p.m. it's dark again.

No this is not fun. I can't even cook enough to keep myself entertained. I am counting the days until spring.

I bet I really cheered you up today. Well thanks for stopping by anyway. Maybe it will be 75 degrees by next Friday and my whole attitude will have changed.

Stop by The Girl Next Door Grows Up - Feel Good Friday, I'm sure some of those folks are having a better day.

The good thing is, I do believe winter is half over. I'm having trouble getting excited about that.


  1. Hey, you've got more sunlight than I do! Here in London it gets dark around 4:30, but the whole sundown process starts around 4. Though I can already tell the days are starting get get longer. In late December it was dark around 4-ish.

    I hope things pick up for you!

    Secretly, I loved your description of the weather. I love the snow! It snowed quite a bit in December, shortly after we moved here, and I loved it. Now it's been above freezing every day this year, so there's no sign of snow at all.

    Though...all that cold and snow means it's good weather to be in the kitchen, doesn't it? ;-)

  2. I feel your pain. We are having one of our worst winters in a long time. I live in the South to avoid arctic temperatures and snow that lasts more than a day! LOL! It'll warm up eventually and we may even complain about the heat!

  3. It has finally hit zero degrees here today. I hate the cold but living in Wisconsin it's a fact I have to live with. It was so funny to hear the weatherman the other night on the news say the only state that has not had snow this winter is Hawaii. Try to stay warm, spring will be here soon and then I'll be complaining about the mosquitoes.

  4. Welcome to my world, Bev. Only good thing I can come up with is that the Spring flowers are going to be big and beautiful. :)

  5. dollycas & I have similar weather -- we had negative temps this morning and it was 3 degrees when I left the office this afternoon. But the wind didn't blow as much as predicted, at least while I was outside, so that was a pleasant surprise, and I didn't have to pull out the mittens that don't let my hands bend. Hope things warm up for you soon! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  6. I know what you mean Bev, I am so ready for that spring green budding from the trees, the grass and little perennials popping out of the ground. Hang in there-we will get through it together :)

  7. Yes, it can be depressing at times, but soon we will see a warm-ish day and have hope again.

    The high is 4 today here and next week when it is 20, it will be a heat wave!!

    Make cocoa!


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