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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My New BFFL - Isaac

Not all of you are going to be as excited as I am about Isaac. But you would be if you knew him. With proper care Isaac will live forever. He only has to be fed once a week and lives in his own little pottery jar. Once a week he produces an offspring that can be shared with a friend, or in my case I just keep saving them.

Isaac arrived in the mail a week ago last Saturday. He was packed in a Mason jar with a little hole in the top for air with his new pottery jar home and lots of bubble wrap. When I opened the box he was sitting on top of the jar. I guess he didn't like being confined to the jar so he managed to escape through the hole. Thank goodness the jar was in a plastic baggie. I scooped him off the lid, put him in his new home and fed him. He had had a long cold trip.

My wonderful friend Joyce at October Farm had mailed me part of her sourdough starter, named Isaac. I will love them both forever. She has worked and worked to perfect a fabulous sourdough bread. Isaac and I have been very patient until she got the recipe just like she wanted.

This past Monday Isaac and I got to work on our first loaf of sourdough bread. I can not tell you how wonderful it turned out. The perfect texture, slight sour taste and thin blistered crust. I will never buy sourdough bread again, and probably any other bread. This lady is a genius. She has made a bread maker out of me, someone who never baked bread until she taught me how.

I'm sure she will be posting recipes soon. If I can do it so can you.

Joyce thank you so very much for my wonderful friend Isaac. Could we have a sourdough biscuit recipe now please.

How could you not feel good with friends like Joyce and Isaac.


  1. hehehe...i don't know that i would go so far as genius. dr. frankenstein might be closer. i created isaac and now he is taking over my house and yours is next! i will have to investigate sourdough biscuits. i am sure they exist! i still want mine to be a bit sourer so next time i might increase the yeast. it's time to start experimenting with the new recipe. this is so exciting! i love this bread and it is gorgeous too. i bet it will make killer french toast. we have only just begun my friend!!!

  2. Oh I bet it smelled wonderful baking in your oven. That is a great, great gift to share.

    Homemade bread is something I've never ventured to try.

    Have fun with Isaac!

  3. Between your post today and Joyce's I have some serious sourdough envy going on! My old standby rice bread is just looking so dull and boring!

  4. Don't worry Jammie Girl I have some Isaac for you anytime you are ready.


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