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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saints and Scriptures Sunday - Letting Go

This was my mediation on Tuesday this week and I thought it so perfect for all of us. With everything going on in our lives and the country at this time a little simple help might be good.

Though we be sick and tired and faint and worn, all things can be borne! Elizabeth Chase Akers

What bothered us most a year ago? A month ago? Even a week ago? It's probable that whatever it was, we were obsessed with it, certain that our futures were ruined, that there was no reasonable solution. It's also probable that we feared we simply couldn't survive the complexity of the situation. But we did. And we always will be able to survive any and all difficulties. We are never, absolutely never, given more than we can handle. In fact, we are given exactly what we need, at any given time.

We have many lessons to learn. We need mainly to remember what we are powerless over, and that God it with us, and that life will become simple; we need no extra homework when we've turned it over to the care of God.

Whatever my problem today, I will let God have it. A solution is in the making. I'll see it just as quickly as I can let go of the problem.

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  1. Bev, I love this as it really touches "home" as well as my heart. A month ago, I was in such turmoil. Today I am at peace. Thanks, my friend...:)JP

  2. Lovely reminder - you are so right! Thanks for this :)


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