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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saint and Scriptures Sunday - Be Still and Listen

I may have posted this before. If I did it's not like we don't need it again. This is my hardest mediation. The prayer part is very easy, it's the sitting quietly and listening that gets me.

Be still and listen to the stillness within.

No answer eludes us if we turn to the source of all answers - the stillness within. Prayer accompanied by mediation will always provide the answers we need for the situations facing us. The answers we need for the situations facing us. The answers we want are not guaranteed, however. We must trust that we will be directed to take the right steps. Our well-being is assured if we let go the control and turn our wills over to the care of God, our messenger within.

How comforting to know that all answers are as close as our quiet moments. God never chooses to keep them from us. We simply fail to quiet our thoughts long enough to heed them. Our minds race, obsessively, all too often. We jump from one scenario to another, one fear to another, one emotion to another. And each time our thoughts capture a new focus, we push the answer we seek further into the background.

The process is simple, if I want to follow it. The answers await me if I truly want them. I need only sit quietly and ask God to offer the guidance I need. And then I will sit quietly some more.

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  1. I wish I were better at being still and listening - it's SO hard.


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