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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saint and Scriptures Sunday

Happy Spring everyone! This mediation today is for me. If someone else benefits so much the better. I'm not haven't trouble with the flattery part, I really don't need that. But the acceptance and letting go and letting God has been a problem the past couple of days. But this too shall pass, I hope.

Flattery is so necessary to all of us that we flatter one another just to be flattered in return. Marjorie Bowen

We are all deserving of unconditional love and acceptance. And all the people in our lives, past and present, deserve our unconditional love and acceptance, too. However, it's doubtful that we either feel it all of the time from others or give it away.

It's human of us to find fault-to have expectations that are too high. But for this we pay a price. Instead of experiencing our lives serenely, contentedly, flowing with what is, we often criticize, judge, and feel generally disgruntled throughout the day. What a waste! We do have another choice, fortunately. We can let go and let God. Also we can recall, today and every day, that we are all special individuals in this world who are loved, fully, by our Creator.

The great contribution we can make to the lives of others is to be affirming. We can let our spouse, children, and friends know we care about them. That we love and accept them. The love that we also long for will come back to us. We thrill at being affirmed. And we will thrill at affirming.

It feels good to help another feel appreciated. Love and acceptance is my lifeline, from God around us all.


  1. what a wonderful post, have a great Sunday!

  2. This is an excellent post. And I agree on all points. Affirmation is a beautiful thing. xo

  3. Beautiful Beverly, I so very much agree. What we give out, we get back. It's often hard to let go and give up our attachment to the outcome but so very necessary. We know we can't handle the things as well as God can, but sometimes we think we need to take care of it. Oh so wrong we can be. Love is only really true love when we give it unconditionally. Great post. I love that it gets us thinking.

  4. I really enjoyed this Beverly. Have a great week.


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