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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Muffins for Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Yesterday and today I'm making muffins for after Sunrise services tomorrow. Sunrise and Good Friday services are my favorite during Easter, mainly because they are not as crowded. Regular services are great too because you see people you haven't seen since Christmas. Yes, Lent is over and my "smart mouth" is back.

These are the muffins the good people at church will be enjoying very early on Easter morning. Any of these would make a nice addition to your bread basket for Easter dinner.

Cranberry-Walnut Mini Muffins
Blueberry Sweet Muffins
Bran Muffins (Sweet Muffin Mix)
Peach Muffins - This is a recipe from Joyce@OctoberFarm that I'll post later


  1. lots of yummy muffins, the only ones i haven't tried are the peach ones,
    the salad sounds amaizng excedpt you made me feel depressed thinking you already have garden produce ready, we have just had the snow melt of the gardens here!I need to move south, badly!

  2. Your fellow parishioners are lucky to have you! Have a blessed weekend. xo (And any recipe from Joyce has got to be yummy yum yum)


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