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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Saint and Scriptures Sunday

I know I should get back to the scriptures, but I keep finding these wonderful meditations and thoughts that I love sharing with you. By sharing I also hope I'll remember them when I need to.

I have come to believe in the "Sacrament of the Moment" which presupposes trust in the ultimate goodness of my creator. - Ruth Casey

The moment, realized, is like a bud blossoming. The day unfolds and with each minute we are moved along to the experiences right for us at this place and this time. Our resistance to certain experiences and particular people creates the barrier that blocks the good in store for us.

We can rest assured, God is caring for each of us. Each breath we take is Spirit-filled, and the plan for our lives is an accumulation of necessary experiences that is helping us to grow and develop our special talents. What we often forget is that the difficult periods, of our lives stretch us, enlighten us, ready us to be the person we desire within to be.

This moment is sacred. All moments are sacred. They will not come again. What is offered this moment for us to grow on will not be offered in exactly this way again. God knows our needs and is caring for them. We can trust the goodness of today.

Whatever situation I encounter today, I will believe in its goodness. It is right for me. It may stretch my patience rather than elicit laughter, but it is right for me at this time.


  1. what a beautiful inspiration post, it gives cause to pause and think, I need that, thankyou for sharing today, beautifully written,

  2. I like this post, actually I enjoy all your Sunday posts. This one, as they mostly all do, struck a chord inside me. xo

  3. thank you for a lovely post - it's made me think more deeply of every moment.
    mary x

  4. All we have to do, Bev is "see the beautiful" wherever we are, whatever we're doing, whoever we meet...:)JP

  5. We can trust the goodness of today indeed. Thanks!


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