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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fried Okra

106 degrees F. in the shade and I'm out running around like it's spring. I think my brain is fried. David called and his first batch of corn was ready, Silver Princess, my favorite. We all know the first several pickings are for corn on the cob only. You know you have to have at least 4 ears the first few times just to satisfy that fresh corn craving.

The fresh okra was also ready. Nothing I love more than a big skillet of fried okra. It's so easy you don't need a recipe. Cut the okra crosswise, coat in cornmeal, and fry in a little oil and bacon grease. Salt and pepper when you remove from the skillet. If you have some left slice it and freeze on a flat sheet and put it in freezer bags to fry later. Okra doesn't last long so work with it the day you get it.

Sliced tomatoes, fried okra and corn on the cob with a piece of cornbread. You tell me if you need anything else for supper! Maybe iced tea.

It's too hot to blog. Have a wonderful weekend. Find a farmers market in your area and enjoy the bounty.


  1. i was eyeballing my okra plants earlier this morning. if i ever finally get some, this is exactly the way i will make it. 108 degrees here today!

  2. OMG, Bev--I'm there! One of my favorite suppers! Could use green tomatoes if you don't have okra-heck just fry both. I planted a bunch of okra this year so I am hopeing for a freezer full. Have a good weekend! Carol

  3. Tomatoes, okra, and corn. Sounds awesome. Try to stay cool.


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