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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hillbilly Smoothie

Most folks would call this Buttermilk with Crumblin's, but I think Hillbilly Smoothie adds a little something to it.  This had to be one of my dads favorite things.  I can still see him sitting at the kitchen table eating this.  You can have this for breakfast, dinner, snack or supper.   For supper you might want to add fried green tomatoes, and for breakfast a nice slice of cantaloupe.  Don't turn your nose up at this until you try it.  Wonderful!

Serves one
I don't think you need a printed recipe

About 1 1/2 cups ice cold buttermilk in a well chilled tumbler
1 fist size square of cornbread, preferably buttermilk cornbread

Pour the buttermilk into an oversize tumbler.  Crumble the corn bread into the glass and stir with a long-handled iced-tea spoon.  Sip, spoon, and swoon.


  1. ha! my dad used to eat this! we kids didn't like butterrmilk. our version was crumbled saltine crackers and milk. i loved that stuff.

  2. My hubby likes it with sweet milk.
    Had the great grandbaby over yesterday,
    (9 mos). Seems she likes cornbread too.


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