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Friday, November 5, 2010

Feel Good Friday - Some People Do Believe Me!

When I posted My True Ghost Story on Halloween, I was very reluctant. Years ago when I would tell people the stories their usual reaction was the "eye rolling", so finally I stopped talking about it. The day before Halloween a friend, Burton Stapp, reminded me of the stories and suggested I write about them. Burton knew the stories were true because he had lived in the house before me, and I'm sure he has his own stories.

Anyway it was nice to get several comments that indicated people did believe me. We never know what's real or not until you have experienced something.

I'm really at a loss this week with nothing to can or freeze except a cake or two for the holidays. But I have to get started on cookie dough soon.

Yes, I'm even going to start my cookbook this winter. Just what the world needs,one more cookbook!

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  1. What is that saying or quote... "There are many things, for which we have no explanation," or something like that? It was said much better than I said it but... The message is the same. There are many, many unexplained happenings, in this world.

    And if we let ourselves remember, betcha' lots of us, have an [unexplainable] story to tell. I know, I do.

  2. I believe you Beverly! I really do. :)

  3. Beverly: The world always needs another cookbook!!!! I will buy it - no doubt.

    Have a wonderful weekend :-)

  4. I love cookbooks!!!! I also believe your stories!!



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