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Monday, August 6, 2012

Am I Still Canning!

It's hard to believe I'm still canning. The season started early and I think it's going to run late. Today is Bread and Butter Pickles again. Thanks for the cukes Larry and Edie. I froze the best corn I have ever eaten on Saturday, Honey Select. Thanks David.

I need to take a day off and see what can be done about my house. Not to mention the pups need a bath. Our church Bake Sale is coming up. I can't think about all this stuff right now.

David, my sweet produce man, called early Saturday morning and ask if I could watch the produce stand for him while he rounded up his cattle that had escaped the pasture onto the road. He needed me now! Off I go in my pj's, actually they are yoga clothes, finger brushed my hair on the way. I looked good! Of course everyone in Loradale stopped by the stand while I was there. I think I have reached the age where I just don't give a crap. It was fun and he said he had a record breaking day. Certainly not because of me.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll get back to recipes in a few days. Have a great day!


  1. I think it was because of you! How could anyone resist that beautiful smile selling vegies!!!You sound busy busy!!!

  2. had i known that i might have jumped in my car and headed to kentucky to buy some produce!!! take a few days off and relax!

  3. Hey, the last I heard a blonde in yoga clothes and fingered combed hair is just what the community needs!...:)JP

  4. I am SURE it was because of you!

  5. Me too...
    You do have a great smile and your personality, at least on your blog is very outgoing.
    Hope you got some free veggies out of the deal.


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