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Monday, August 13, 2012

Whine, Whine, Whine!

How can it be Monday already, plus the middle of August. I will never get caught up with this canning. Is it too early to pray for a hard freeze. I really need to whine for just a minute. If you don't have time to listen I understand. Just scroll down and read the recipe. A few months or so ago I pulled the muscles in my left arm, shoulder and down that side of my back. A little pain doesn't normally bother me, but I've also had a summer cold this week. What a baby! Yesterday was a good, fun day and decided to rearrange the canned goods into like produces. Wrong! In church yesterday I could hardly stand to be still. I have now managed to make the pain extend down my left leg.

I don't even have time to post a recipe because my friend Betty is bringing me a bucket of apples. That's okay, they'll look great next to the half bushel of Roma tomatoes spread out on my kitchen table. Maybe I'll mix them together and make a zillion jars of Tomato Apple Chutney. No, I don't have time to look for the chutney recipe right now. Later!

Thanks for visiting and letting me vent. I'll TRY to do better later.


  1. gosh, hope you feel better soon, take care of yourself, maybe you need to slow down abit, (as if that will happen, right), take care, maybe you will have to have some one give you a hand, if I was closer I would,

  2. oh no!!! there is nothing worse than nagging pain. maybe you could rest for a day or two??? at least take some sort of pain relief! and stop canning woman! i think you have enough food canned for a few years.

  3. Beverly, I do believe you need a nice break from all the canning etc. It is hard work, and the volume you make is unbelievable. You need to rest those muscles, tendons and knock out that cold. Relax! You are just one person. xo

  4. This is my first visit, and I certainly do sympathize with you. I hurt my shoulder a couple of days ago, just throwing some Cheerios and pellets to the koi in my pond! And it still hurts plenty bad. Plus I got something in my left eye yesterday, and today it's still red and itchy, and I can't wear makeup. So I'm whining right along with you!!

  5. Ok, first I read your comment about SL, I think she'd be as welcome as a skunk at a lawn party! LOL!!

    2nd, I hope you feel better soon!

  6. We understand! I was fixing to make an excellent halibut recipe (it's on my Facebook wall) on Sunday but I was WIPED OUT so had a 3-egg fried sandwich which was delicious....

    So we had the halibut tonight & it was WONDERFUL!!!


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