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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Saint and Scriptures Sunday

This has been a sad week at my house and in the blogging community. Our beautiful friend Kary lost her battle with cancer a week ago yesterday. You can read more details here, and leave condolences for John, her husband, on Kary's blog, My Farmhouse Kitchen. It's amazing to me how you can become so attached to a person you have never met. I felt I had known Kary for years.

Treat your friends as you do your pictures, and place them in their best light. - Jennie Jerome Churchill

Taking your friends and loved ones for granted, expecting perfection from them in every instance, greatly lessens the value we have in one another's life. Being hard on those closest to us may relieve some of the tension we feel about our own imperfections, but it creates another tension, that may result in our friends leaving us behind.

We need the reminder, perhaps, that our friends are special to our growth. Our paths have crossed with reason. We complete a portion of the plan for one another's life. And for such gifts we need to offer gratitude.

Each of us is endowed with many qualities, some more enhancing than other; it is our hope, surely, that our lesser qualities will be ignored. We must do likewise with our friends. We can focus on the good, and it will flourish-in them, in ourselves, in all situations. A positive attitude nurtures everyone. Let us look for the good and, in time, it is all that will catch our attention.

I can make this day one to remember with fondness. I will appreciate a friend. I will let her know she matters in my life. Her life will be enhanced by my attention.

Sweet Kary, you may be gone but we will never forget you.


  1. perfectly said....and oh look..i'm here on sunday!!!

  2. Bev, I am so sorry for your loss however, friendships NEVER die...they come from and live in our hearts...:)JP

  3. This was so beautiful, Beverly. And as always, when I visit you on Sunday, I come away with something that I needed to hear. It still amazes me. xo

  4. Bev, I know of Katy only through your post and through the post on Octoberfarm (which I found a few weeks ago from your blog). I am sorry I did not get to know Katy as she seems a wonderful person whose life has ended too soon. Yes, it is amazing when you think of the depth of friendship we can form with people we may never get to see face to face, but the friendship is not diminished in any way because it happens "online". Our hearts still break when we find ourselves without that person, and adjusting to a new day without the light she brought to the world. My heart and prayers are with you - and my shoulder, dear friend, should you need it. (( ))

  5. Hi Bev, this is my 1st visit to your blog, I saw your comment on Joyce's blog about our Kary - bravo!! Kary and I were also good friends via our blogs and many emails, how I miss her sweet, kind, warm words .... You are so right, she will live in our hearts forever!



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