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Friday, May 4, 2012

Kentucky Mint Juleps By The Pitcher

There is absolutely no reason to make Mint Juleps by the drink. I have used this recipe for 30 years and still hear they are the best Mint Juleps around. Whoops, sorry you may have never heard of a Mint Julep.

It is the official drink of the Kentucky Derby, enjoyed by thousands as the thoroughbreds canter to the starting gate at Churchill Down to the strains of "My Old Kentucky Home" and a must have at any Kentucky Derby Party. It doesn't matter if drinks are being served in your Grandmother's drawing room, your patio or the in- field at Churchill Downs. There will be Mint Juleps. The whole secret to this drink is "brain freeze cold", and good Kentucky bourbon.

This is a sweeter drink, most people don't have but one or two. Have at least one just to get your host/hostess to shut up. Have a beaten biscuit with country ham with it. The salt in the ham helps cut the sugar in the julep.

Warning: Don't wait until the last minute to look for fresh mint. It will all be gone. I'm lucky that I have a big patch that grows on the bank of Goose Creek that runs right by my house. I have a supply from Derby Day to Thanksgiving.

Kentucky Mint Juleps By The Pitcher
5 juleps approximately

2 cups really good Kentucky bourbon
1 cup minted simple syrup (recipe below)
Crushed ice, lots and lots
Mint sprig, for decoration
Short straws for sippin'

Combine bourbon and minted simple syrup in a pretty pitcher or decanter. Chill overnight , or until needed. The mixture should be very cold. Fill julep cups with crushed ice, (packed down). What, you don't own any sterling silver mint julep cups. How'd your Mamma raise you? Okay use the rock glasses filled with crushed ice (pack down). Into each cup or glass pour the chilled minted bourbon. Decorate with mint springs. Sip through short straws, this way you will get a whiff of mint with each sip.

Simple Syrup: To make simple syrup, boil 1 cup of water with 2 cups sugar for five minutes. Cool. Add 1/2 cup packed mint leaves and let brew overnight or 12 hours, stirring once or twice. Strain syrup through a fine sieve, discarding mint. Makes 1 cup of syrup or enough for 5 juleps.

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  1. can you believe i have never had one of these? i actually have never had much hard liquor at all.


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