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Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Allison's Mambo Margaritas

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! It is still Derby Day first and foremost in my mind.

With a name like that I don't even have to tell you that this recipe came from the Favorite Recipes section of The Sweet Potato Queens' Big-Ass Cookbook. Tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo, you gotta have a margarita.

New Allison's Mambo Margaritas
Depends on who's drinking
print recipe

"This sounds weird, if not awful, but I promise, it will be your favorite margarita in the history of the world. You pour in 1 big can of Limeade (what is that, twelve ounces?), then 1 bottle of Corona beer, 12 ounces of Seven-Up (never Sprite), and 12 ounces of really good tequila. Do not attempt to mix this in a blender. You would think that would be obvious, wouldn't you, what with the beer and the Seven-Up? But we have all done it. Blown the top of the blender and sprayed this sticky mess all over our respective kitchen. Trying to make'em frozen don't you know."

These really are fabulous.


  1. Oh, thanks! I couldn't remember which book this was in and this sunny Spring afternoon is just crying out for a good margarita!

  2. I love, love love the sweet potato queens!!!! Discovered the book for the first time in a garage sale last year and fell in love! thanks for the recipe!!!

  3. Oh Beverly, this sounds absolutely delightful!


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