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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saint and Scriptures Sunday - Attitude

"Women like to sit down with trouble as if it were knitting." We have all heard that saying.

How often we turn minor challenges into monumental barriers by giving them undue attention, forgetting that within any problem lies its solution! However, the center of our focus must be off the problem's tangle if we are to find the solution's thread. My best remedy for this dilemma is the short version of the Serenity Pray.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I can not change
and the wisdom to change the things I can.

I have been known to pray this 10 tens in one day. But it works.

We cannot change our children, our husbands, or partners, not even the best friends who we know love us. But with God's help we can change the attitude that has us blocked at this time. A changed attitude, easing up on ourselves, lessening our expectations of other, will open the door to the kind of relationships we seek.

We need not take life so seriously. In fact we shouldn't take life so seriously. We can measure our emotional health by how heartily we laugh with others and at ourselves. The day stretching before us at this time promises many choices in attitude. We can worry, be mad, depressed, or frustrated or we can trust God to see us through whatever the situation. So, we can relax. It is our decision, the one decision over which we have complete control.

I will be in control of my attitude today. I can have the kind of day that I want.


  1. Amen! Thank you for reminding me to put things into prospective. Today I will try not to worry. :))

  2. yup, thats an amen if there ever was one, you are such an inspiration you are,

  3. My goodness, Beverly, I feel as if you wrote this just for me, that you know my thoughts. I am so happy to visit today (actually I am happy to visit every day) but this post hit home. Thank you so much. xoxo (sending extra love today).

  4. Very good post. I took me 40 + years to realize that I was praying for God to change someone to what I thought they should be. Then it finally came to me, there is only one person I can change and that's ME and even then I need the help of God all mighty. I can't change them, but I CAN change how I react to them and it's up to me if I get myself upset or not! Love the blog and wise words, Carol


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