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Friday, June 11, 2010

Feel Good Friday

This week I'm not going to wait until Thursday to start my Feel Good Friday, I forget too many things. I loved my Tuesday post, Happy Anniversary, I always smile when I think about my sister. We always had so much fun together in our "wilder" days. No thank you I would not want to go back there, or even 10 years ago. I love today.

Before I forget one of our regular friends on Feel Good Friday may be missing today, she is having a Treasure Sale. Stop by and leave a good luck message, and a few words of encouragement for Mommy On The Spot, she is so sweet and funny.

This week I'm going to recommend that everyone schedule a Mental Health Day in the near future. Mine was Wednesday this week. I cannot begin to tell you how good I felt on Thursday and how much stuff I got done. Really, I got Wednesdays and Thursdays "to do list" completed. My niece, Angie, and I are talking about a "mental health" week end. That could be a little dangerous with the two of us, but so much fun.

Today or tomorrow I'm getting my first blueberries and raspberry of the season. Stop by next week and I'll have a few great recipes for these wonderful berries.

This really is the most boring post I've ever read, sorry, I'll do better next week.


  1. love the idea of a mental health day! happy friday to you. lauren

  2. I really love that mental health day idea. As we speak I have five major things to do today, but willnrelax this weekend.

    And no,this wasn't boring!!!!!!

  3. This wasn't at all boring! Enjoy your berries. Good idea on the mental health day! Happy weekend!

  4. I love mental health days! Employers should really just work that in there as an extra category along with personal and sick days.
    Here's my Feel Good Friday!

  5. Years ago, when I worked full time as an accountant for a large company, we were given on mental health day after the end of each quarter because they were so stressful. They were so appreciated!

    Looking forward to your recipes!!


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