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Friday, October 15, 2010

Feel Good Friday - Who Says

Well we all know how I feel about cleaning. Comes right after ironing sheets. It's not going to happen, or so I thought. I have used the leaving the vacumn and cleaning supplies in the middle of the floor, leaving get well cards, from myself, all over the house. But the jig is up and I've been caught.

My friend Judy, little miss Martha Stewart, stopped in the other day and had the nerve to say, "Where did you get all the get well cards. You haven't been sick." Crap. Do you know she totally cleans her refrigerator once a week!

So, for the pass week I've been cleaning, windows, baseboards, two inches of dust off everything. No one has the nerve to come around me for fear of beening put to work, or having me snap their head off.

Tuesday was interesting. I decided to use the pressure washer on the patio and outside windows. I really should have known not to do this. Ten minutes into this and I'm soaking wet, clothes, hair, shoes, everything, laughing my butt off. Then I forgot to put the window down that my little Mazzy doggie likes to lay in and totally blew her right out of the window. Thank heavens she wasn't hurt. But if we ever have a hurricane in Kentucky she will know what to expect.

Yes, I feel good today, mainly because I'm not cleanin' nothin'.

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  1. I don't think my comment posted.
    I can relate about housecleaning. You make me laugh with the image of you getting all wet. That keeps me from starting housework - the idea of getting messy. XD

  2. I am laughing too hard, poor Mazzy. I hate cleaning too, one of my questions on on my Enquiring Minds Want To Know meme I run on my blog on Thursday was if you could give up one household chore for life what would it be, everyone said dusting, they would rather clean toilets than dust.


  3. This week, I wished for a cleaning lady. No such luck.

  4. I cleaned out my vacuum cleaner today -- cleaned all the filters, washed the compartments. Notice that I didn't say I did any vacuuming. Now I'm waiting for the filters to dry...

  5. So does she, like, actually empty it and clean it? That is one woman who needs a blog :-)

    I organize mine every week, but I have learned to look past the grime!

    We are getting ready to sell our house so we are super cleaning everything. I am learning that I really do need to purchase a high duster.


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