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Friday, December 3, 2010


Today was the day I was going to get my revenge for Angie posting those awful pictures of me on my birthday. However my brother, Larry, her father has this problem that we have all put up with for years. It's called selective memory. He did not get the pictures to me after numerous reminders and now he is out of town. I guess a 3 month heads-up and 5 reminders just wasn't enough. Okay now that I've finished venting about my brother I'll talk about Angie.

Angie is one of those people that you would really like to smack sometimes. She is so perfect. She can get more done in a day than I can in a week.

Growing up she was the perfect child, straight A student always, first grade thru college. Beautiful inside and out. Long dark hair, big brown eyes and skin like cream. I wouldn't have to be doing all these descriptions if I had some damn pictures.

She and Michael are perfect parents, I'm already sick of that word, two perfect boys, Aaron and John.

She is always there for her family and friends. When her grandmother was sick, when her mom had cancer, when her mother-in-law was ill, when her boss was diagnosed with a terrible rare disease, it goes on and on. She always seems to take time for everyone but herself. She lives in constant neck and back pain even after surgery, twice. But never does she complain.

She is the "queen" of coupons, grocery store weekly ads and thrift store shopping. Going to a yard sale or thrift shop with her and you will see a woman turned into someone possessed.

Did I fail to mention she just completed her first book, 50,000+ words. This was accomplished in one month. Yes, she also works full time as a nurse.

How can anyone this perfect be so damn much fun and funny. If I had to pick one word that described her it would be "fun". She cooks like a chef and will try anything.

I'm making this my Feel Good Friday post, because nothing makes me feel better than having Angie as my niece, and most importantly as one of my best friends.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET GIRL! Maybe I'll have pictures next year, if your dad ever wakes up.

Stop by and wish Angie a Happy Birthday at The Jammie Girl. Plus she has pictures.

If she doesn't like the post, too bad, she is the one started me doing all this.
At least I didn't tell your age. No one would ever believe you are 44 anyway.


  1. I love you! Thanks for saying such sweet things about me :) And thanks, Dad, for forgetting to give Beverly any of the 50,000 pictures you have of me from the first two years of my life since I'm soaked with drool in every one (teething was evidently difficult for me).

  2. Well, Bev, she does sound perfect! My mother would definitely love her. I'm sure I would too.

    Nurses are the best people -- my sister is one. They see the world through different eyes, I believe.

    Happy Birthday Angie. PS -- you have a great aunt, you know that? :)

  3. 1. there were no awful pictures of you on your birthday, they were all lovely.
    2. this is such a loving tribute. Happy Birthday to Angie!

  4. Happy Birthday Angie! I hope you have a wonderful day.

    Bev, that was just a wonderful post about your niece. She is so lucky to have you!

  5. What a great post and a wonderful niece plus a wonderful aunt!!!!!

  6. Ha ha ha ha ha :-)

    Oh that is so sweet! I just feel so happy that I get to follow the both of you. I love it so much.

    This was a perfect post ;-)

  7. What a wonderful niece you have, you are blessed!! Wish you could bring me some chicken soup.8-) Thanks for your sweet post on my blog!!

  8. Awesome post, and a wonderful tribute to an amazing woman! Happy B day, Angie B!

  9. Thanks, everyone, for all the sweet comments! And, yes, you are right, I do have an awesomely fabulous aunt :)


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