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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Have The Secret To Getting To Heaven!

I'm not making this up. I made this fabulous Cranberry Orange Cornmeal Cake for Bible Study today. My beyond adorable minister, Scott, said, "This cake is so good it could get you to heaven." How is that for an endorsement! I have no idea how many pieces he ate.

Last night I was e-mailing with my friend Joyce at October Farm, that's where I got the recipe and was telling her I was making it for Bible Study today. Her reply to me was, "You're just trying to bake your way into heaven."

This might be working folks, it's worth a try. I hope God likes cranberries.

Joyce has a really bad cold. When you go over to get the recipe wish her a speedy recovery.

This cake really is the best.


  1. If good cooking will get you into heaven, I'll meet you at the entrance! ;)

  2. Baking your way into heaven...I like it!!!

  3. will you please stop posting so many great recipes? when WILL i ever get the time to make them all? i might not make the list to heaven at this rate, ha ha. sounds delicious!

  4. Oh Beverly , I’m in big trouble here. I’m not a great cook at all. I try hard and I’m doing better but I’m not sure I’ll make the grade :) LOL

  5. Amy,Verde Farm, the most important ingredient in any recipe is love. The more love the better the taste. I think you have already made the grade.


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