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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Third Sunday In Advent - Saint and Scriptures Sunday

The Shepherds'Candle Urges Us: BEHOLD

He has brought down the powerful from their thrones, and lifted up the lowly. Luke 1:52

"Behold!" the Christmas angel said. The shepherds heard, "Behold!" And they did as they were told, for the shepherds had a lot to see. And so do we.

While our "circle of lights" have now expanded to three candles, the shepherds' circles of light involved nothing less than "the glory of the Lord"! Like Isaiah of old, they were frightened at first by the vision, but that didn't keep them from looking.

Why did God choose to have the message of the Savior's birth come first to shepherds, of all people? Why not the mayor of Bethlehem, the town council, the village rabbi, a prominent businessman? Why shepherds, of all people?

Was it because other people were too busy or preoccupied to listen? Can that happen to us too? Was it because the way God was doing things was not the way they would have? Can that happen to us too? Was the stable setting too humble for more "refined" folks to visit? Can we express that attitude too?

Or was it just to let us know that everyone is welcome? The Shepherds Candle glows brightly enough to assure us that there is none too poor, too lowly, too dirty, too humble, too despised to be excluded from God's circle of light.

Be humble is the way to come.

Who is the most humble person you know? Would that person agree with your assessment?

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