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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hoppin' John Savannah Style

Hoppin' John is not only on the New Years Day menu in most low-country homes, but is eaten throughout the year. You just must have collard greens and cornbread to serve with this.

This recipe was in The Food, Folklore, and Art of Lowcounty Cooking, that my dear friend Dulcie sent me last week. If you are a low-country food lover as I am, this book is a must have.

Mr. Dugger, who created the recipe, was the head butcher at Savannah's old Smith Bros. Grocery. His recipe was published in the Savannah Morning New more than 5 decades ago.

Hoppin' John Savannah Style
4 servings
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1 cup chopped celery
1 1/2 cups dried cowpeas (field peas), soaked overnight
2 onions, chopped
1 bell pepper chopped
1 cup water
3/4 pound hog jowl, finely chopped
2 cups rice
1 cup chicken broth

Combine all ingredients except for the rice and chicken broth in a saucepan and turn the heat to medium for 15 minutes. Then reduce to low and cook approximately 1 hour, or until done.

Add the raw rice and chicken broth and cook entire mixture over medium heat for 15 minutes or until done. Serve immediately with corn bread and collard greens.


  1. Hog jowl? Oh boy! Where does one get hog jowl? :)

  2. Must have hoppin John on New Years!! My neighbor Sylvia makes a version that is mostly rice with some black eyed peas but it is so flavorful. I will have to ask her how she makes it. My mother used to serve a rich brown pork roast with roasted sweet potatoes instead. Happy New Years, Beverly!

  3. I'll never forget when I was a new bride. My neighbor broght a mess of field peas and told me to cook them with a little bacon grease. My husband came home to find me frying them. He thought it was hilarious.

  4. Nancy, I forgot you are not from the South. Hog jowl can be found in most groceries in the South. Thick sliced bacon will also work.

    Yes you are all invited for New Year's.

  5. Yes, we have some hog jowl in our grocery stores.

  6. hi! i've been away more than expected over Christmas and i've got some catching up to do! think this sounds like a winner for new years day. yum!

  7. I'm so glad you like the book. You should consider writing a review for Amazon! And just out of curiosity I'm going to see whether we have hog jowl around here...


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