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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Saint and Scriptures Sunday

One week until Christmas! How did that happen! Have you finished your shopping? Decorations in place? Stockings hung with care? Cookies baked? Menu planned for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? That's okay you still have almost a week.

More importantly have you thought of those less fortunate? Have you picked an angel or two from the angel trees that the Salvation Army has in various locations all over town? This year I decided on the Food Angel Tree from Kroger grocery store. For $25.00 you can pick a local family from the tree and they will be provided with Christmas dinner food. These are hard times for a lot of people. But for the Grace of God go you or I. Please help if you can.

This is a brief part of our wonderful ministers, Scott and Susan Winkler, message from our church newsletter this month:

"God's gift is His son, Jesus. Our gift is to accept what is so lovingly offered. God's gift is to guide us by His word, by His Spirit. Our gift is to live as we are taught. No wrapping paper needed, no lights needed to wrap around the tree. Just an open and honest life given to God. Be thankful for Christ's gift, for God's love and for the good people who are all around you showing you what His love looks like."

Have a Blessed week and don't get stressed. Remember it's not about the presents and food.


  1. beautiful post, our Salvation army is in need this year as there are more and more families with financial troubles.The econonmy is taking its toll all year but stings more in holiday season.We should all take your advice,, we give as much as we can for sure and we help fill a bus with nonperishables as well.Its a great event.Every grocery store in our city has an open bin for food donations, so its easy to pick up a few items to drop in the box as one leaves.Thats one I think that works great, the food donations go to the Soup Kitchen and Christmas Cheer.Happy Sunday to you my friend.

  2. Happy Holidays, Bev. Here's to another year of knowing each other! xoxo

  3. Well said... no matter how stressed out we are and the troubles we have we still have the Lord's blessings and can be a blessing to someone with less... Merry Christmas to you!


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