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Friday, December 30, 2011

Southern New Year's Menu

All the recipes for my Southern New Year's meal are on the sidebar with the exception of the dessert which will appear tomorrow and the ham which I will link to in a minute. That just happens to be the best ham you will ever eat.

"The Ham" I'm going to make you look! No hints, Joyce, don't tell!
My Favorite Black-Eyed Peas Over Rice
Collard Greens With Smoked Turkey
Quick Chili Sauce for the peas
Crackling Cornbread
Baked Coconut Custard

The best part is everything but the cornbread can be made the day before or earlier. Have fun cooking!


  1. Happy New Year! Thank you for all your wonderful recipes!

  2. Cornbread is one my favorites! I have gained weight since I'm up here...I need to get back on track so I don't have this roll hanging over my jeans when I sit!!! Happy New Year, Bev...:)JP

  3. well, thanks to you i am making almost all of this but the ham. i am hammed out! plus, i might be making southern lace cornbread. do you make it? i am interested in trying it!

  4. what a great menu, wow!

  5. Sounds so very good Beverly! Wishing you and yours a very happy new year!

  6. Joyce, I have not made lace cornbread, but I think we talked about it once. Bring on the recipe my friend.

  7. I am still stuffed! I had the delight to have this entire New Years menu today prepared by the very famous Beverly. Each and every one of you should be green with envy. :) Thank you Beverly, from the bottom of my heart!
    You are the best!

    Love you! Here's to a fabulous 2012!
    P.S. love, love, love your t-shirt! ;) and thank you for adding the stewed tomatoes!


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