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Friday, August 20, 2010

"Feel Good Friday", Again

The summer is flying by! All this week I have been able to open the windows at night and wake up to the beautiful crisp air in the morning. No air-conditioning for 4 days, that really makes me feel good.

This past Sunday we had our last Vacation Bible School of the summer at church. Yes, I had the little ones again, ages 2,3,4. I could just eat them up they are so sweet. We studied "Moses in the Basket". We had the Nile (plastic pool) and Moses (baby doll) floating in the basket in the pool. They were all afraid Moses would fall out of the basket so everyone had to get in the pool to make sure he was safe. We didn't have just wet feet this time but wet bottoms and all. Thank goodness Linda remembered to bring towels, and her sister, Gay. I could not have done it without them.

When those little angels started to sing "Jesus Loves Me" with the biggest smiles I have ever seen I thought I would cry. Why can't they just stay that age?

For those of you that missed "August Needs a Holiday" you might not know that this is a BIG Birthday coming up for me next week. Take a peek!

As my friend Lucy says, "At your age any time you have another birthday it's a reason to Feel Good". I think she's my friend?

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  1. I love having the windows open in that kind of weather. All last weekend I was able to have the air off and have the windows open. It was beautiful. It got hot again though.

  2. With friends like that . . .
    Have a happy pre-birthday weekend : )

  3. I love having the windows open whenever I can. I think I've had the a/c on 5x this summer and it's been a scorcher. Thank goodness for the trees! I'm not so good w/ the 2,3,4 yr olds that's why I work with the 5th-6th graders. =) I agree, hearing little ones sing brings tears to my eyes. Happy upcoming birthday!

    ~Mimi @ Woven by Words

  4. OH the windows and the cool crisp air!!!! It has been a scorcher this summer and early this week it was so cool!!! I can't wait for Fall! It is my favorite season!

  5. First things first HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Second, little kids are so wonderful, I used to teach 1st and 2nd grade Sunday school and loved teaching them songs, my favorite and theirs was We Are The Church, I can still hear them singing.


  6. Not many alternatives to having another birthday:)

    Love the Moseses in the wading pool.


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