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Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

On this day 65 years ago there was a very special event. I was born! There are people that would disagree with that statement but that's their problem. This is the real date even though I'm celebrating all month. I feel really bad for people that hate getting old. It seems the older I get the happier I am. The wrinkles don't bother me or the occasional stiff shoulder. I have long ago stopped caring what people thought of me because I know I'm a good person, a little strange sometimes maybe.

What bothers me is when everything in the garden is gone and I have nothing else to can or freeze. But then it's time for apples, pears and pumpkins and I'm happy again.

There are a lot of people, mostly older, that think blogging and face book, etc, are silly and a waste of time. I have met wonderful people from both and do consider them friends.

My friend Dulcie, from blogging, is a free lance editor, I hope I have that right, and had ask for a recipe suggestion to make for her office. I believe they rotate bringing something weekly. My suggestion was the Extra Special Zucchini Bread. It is in the top five of my most requested bread recipes.

She made the bread last night and sent me a picture. They were beautiful. Dulcie you worked so hard I hope everyone enjoyed your bread.

I would never have thought at age 65 that I would be blogging and having such a wonderful time doing it. You can have friends all over the world. Stay open to anything new and different, that helps keep you young and involved with life.

Do something special for yourself today, act like it's your birthday also.


  1. I love blogging, too. Some people don't get it but I have found it suits me perfectly. Unlike my preblog expectations, it is not all about me but about the dialog I have found with others. And on the days it IS all about me, it is so gratifying. People out there recognize me and appreciate what I have to say on that day. So Happy Day All About You!!!! You are appreciated.

  2. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday Beverly!!!!!!!

    I am so happy I finally got to see a pic of you through angie's blog!!

    OMG I love your hair! You are so lucky to have thick hair. I always cut mine to a bob but I have fine hair :-(. It never poofs without a lot of ratting.

    Have a wonderful day, month, life, but I know you will!!! I just love this post. I am emailing to myself because it is a great thing to read! I try to worry less.

    And ps. Coffee and smokes make everyone happier ;-)

  4. Happy Birthday to you! Hope you've had a wonderful day. The zucchini bread turned out beautifully and it got rave rave reviews from people who really know how to cook. Thank you! Please keep writing and sharing your recipes and stories. And, I can't wait to see what you do for Angie's birthday.

  5. I have to share something I find funny with you. I have been reading your blog for months and just started reading your niece's this week with no idea that there was any connection at all until I just read her post today. I came upon them both independent of each other and enjoy them both immensely. It really is a SMALL world. Oh and by the way, Happy Birthday!


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