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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scotty's Basic Tomato Sauce

Is there anything better than finding a new friend? Yes, finding a new friend willing to share her fabulous recipes with you. Scotty is sharing three recipes, but you only get one today. This is fabulous!

I will tell you more about Scotty later since I haven't ask permission to talk about her. I know she is very pretty from her Face Book pictures, and very kind from her emails, and has wonderful recipes. What more could you ask.

Have you canned tomato sauce in the past? It takes forever. Not with this recipe. And the flavor is unbelievable.

Scotty's Basic Tomato Sauce
the recipe is per quart jar
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Place in each quart jar
2 fresh basil leaves
1 teaspoon chopped garlic, the jar kind is fine

Place basil and garlic in bottom of each quart jar. Fill each jar with peeled and quartered red or yellow tomatoes. Push them down so the juice comes out enought to cover the tomatoes. Leave 1-inch head space. Cap with lid and rings. Process in pressure canner for 20 minutes at 10 pound pressure.

When ready to use, dump jar or jars into your processor and blend until smooth, basil and all. Serve with pasta, with or without meat.

Scotty had used a yellow tomato sauce with shrimp and leeks, and a dab of sour cream over spaghetti the day she sent me the recipe.

I had made Porcupine Balls and used the sauce instead of the tomato juice. Excellent.

Scotty, if I have done anything wrong jump on the comments and correct me. Thanks.

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