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Friday, September 10, 2010

Feel Good Friday - Not So Much

I don't feel so hot, actually I feel very hot, but it's from a fever. I have a word of warning here so pay attention. This early flu thing that is going around is very contagious from blogging. My niece, Angie, had it last week end and I have it now. I have not seen her or even talked to her on the phone, just on her blog. I probably shouldn't even be telling you this I could be spreading this around now. So if you stop reading I'll understand.

Sometimes it's nice to be sick for a few days. Take a shower and put your jammies on and hang a sign on the door that says "I Have The Flu - Go Away!"

Before "flu bug" appeared I was having a really good week. My birthday slipped right over into September. Randy, my nephew, gave me a wonderful new bread maker. So, be prepared for lots of bread recipes later. A fabulous new cook book from my sister, Sandy, in California arrived also. You will be hearing lots about this one. It is a Michael Chiarello's The Tra Vigne Cook Book. Don't you just love him. There is a Grilled Flank Steak with Roasted Peppers in Tomato Sauce that I'm dying to make. But for today I think I'll be defrosting chicken soup.

Check out other Feel Good Fridays, they are probably having a better day than I am. See you next week.


  1. Hope you feel better. It is nice to have your own homemade soup in the freezer but it is even nicer to have someone else defrost it for you and bring you an aspirin and a cold ginger ale to go with it. (Well, that's me anyway.) Go lie down. You probably don't feel like reading this. Besides my throat feels a little scratchy.

  2. I don't want your flu!! but I'll talk to you any way:)

    I felt yucky at the beginning of week and the end of last week, but I think it was because of the crummy weather.

    Hope you feel better soon and can enjoy your presents!


  3. I promise to wah my hands after leaving your site.

    it's the kids going back to school that does it. Poor Angie and poor you. I am sending you all of my well wishes and hope that it is the kind of flu that is nice and easy instead of really awful.

    Take care.

  4. Being sick is no fun, but I do like that shower and jammies thing. Enjoy laying around while you have an excuse I say!

    Happy Feel Good Friday.


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