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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saint and Scriptures Sunday - Gratitude and Acceptance

I have received many an evil eye for suggesting to someone to make a gratitude list or be grateful for what you have. So when yesterdays morning meditation was on this subject I could not resist sharing it today.

The Magic of Gratitude and Acceptance

Gratitude and acceptance are two magic tricks available to all of us. No matter who we are, where we are, or what we have, gratitude and acceptance work.

We may eventually become so happy that we realize our present circumstances are good. Or we master our present circumstances and then move forward into the next set of circumstances.

If we become stuck, miserable, feeling trapped and hopeless, try gratitude and acceptance. If we have tried unsuccessfully to alter our present circumstances and have begun to feel like we're beating our head against a brick wall, try gratitude and acceptance.

If we feel scared and uncertain, try gratitude and acceptance.

If you've been fighting something, try gratitude and acceptance.

When all else fails, go back to basics.
Gratitude and acceptance work.

A little prayer will help:
God, help me let go of my resistance. Help me know the pain of a circumstance will stop hurting so much if I accept it. I will practice the basics of gratitude and acceptance in my life and for all my present circumstances.

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  1. I learned about gratitude and acceptance some years ago when I was going through a difficult time in my life. I had a LOT of trouble with acceptance but I learned the power of gratitude fairly quickly. I started by remembering all the wonderful gifts in my life to help me believe that more wonderful things would happen in the future. They did. Acceptance finally arrived on its own while I was busy being grateful. People have trouble with this concept because it sounds too easy and a bit pollyanna-ish. The only way to believe it is to try it for yourself and keep trying it until it works. Thanks for reminding me this morning.

  2. Your timing is always amazing. Thank you.

  3. Why would something give an evil eye to something so good?

    I hope you are feeling better.


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