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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saint and Scriptures Sunday-Being Gentle With Ourselves During Times of Grief

This has been an awful week for my friend Linda, who lost her husband last Sunday and had already committed to a home move for yesterday. Her friends and family have been there for her through funeral and packing and moving. But reality will eventually come to her and the grief will be there.

I hope this might be a comfort for her or anyone else going through a change or loss.

Being Gentle with Ourselves During Times of Grief

The process of adapting to change and loss takes energy. Grief is draining, sometimes exhausting. Some people need to "cocoon for transformation", while going through grief.

We may feel more tired than usual. Our ability to function well in other areas of our life may be reduce, temporarily. We may want to hide in the safety of our bedroom.

Grief is heavy. It can wear you down.

It's okay to be gentle with ourselves when we're going through change and grief. But we can be compassionate with ourselves. We do not have to expect more from ourselves than we can deliver during this time. We do not even have to expect as much from ourselves as we would normally and reasonably expect.

We need more rest, more sleep, more comfort. We may be more needy and have less to give. It is okay to accept ourselves, and our changed needs, during times of grief, stress, and change.

It is okay to allow ourselves to cocoon during times of transformation. We can surrender to the process, and trust that a new, exciting energy is being created within us.

God, help me to accept my changed needs during times of grief, change, and loss.

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