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Friday, September 3, 2010

Feel Good Friday

What is it about getting your hair did, yes I said did, that makes you feel so good?
Well that's what I did yesterday. I bet I hadn't bothered getting a haircut in 2 months or longer. If a piece starts to look a little strange I just snip it off with the manicure scissors. The next thing you know instead of a sleek short bob I have a punk rock haircut. Thanks to my sweet Mary with the golden scissors I am back to sleek, cute and feelin' good.

Next week I think I'll get a pedicure. Is there anything more wonderful than having someone massage your feet and legs, clip your toenails and then paint them some god awful color. I love it.

When I worked all this stuff was just part of the regular maintenance program each month like working out three times a week. It is so nice to be old and not have people expect all that stuff of you.

I dated a guy once that would go with me for pedicures sometimes and he would also get one. When it was time to choose a color he would have them paint each nail a different color. The girls in the shop just loved him. I wonder what happened to him!

I'm feeling good today and hope you are also. For more Feel Good Friday visit The Girl Next Door Grows Up. See you next week.


  1. I have been thinking about getting my hair cut to my chin again. It just seems so hangy long. There is nothing better than a new do!

    As for pedicures, I have never had one. Is it weird to have strangers touching your feet?

    Have a wonderful weekend with your new do!

  2. I need a haircut too, now that I have stopped trying to cover the gray, the gray was winning, it seems I put off haircuts until I just can't stand it anymore. Luckily a friend of my kids manages a salon and she can always squeeze me in just before I have a meltdown or offer hubby the chance to cut my hair. He thinks because he cuts his and my son's hair he's an expert. lol

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. There is something magical about getting your hair did, isn't ther? And pedicures - LOVE them!

  4. HA! I got my hair "did" this week too and its part of my FGF post! Hurray for a good hair cut. Of course, today it didn't look as good as when my stylist did it. And a pedicure, I haven't had one for a year. Boo hoo.


  5. He had each toe painted a different color sounds a little weird, but I am glad you like the new hair cut. And to the girl next door, you so need to get a pedicure it isn't weird, it is heaven.


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