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Sunday, October 31, 2010

My True Ghost Story

You'll be sorry if you install that shower door, Ms. Beverly ,and leave the louvered windows in the bathroom, Mr. Monty doesn't like to be closed in, Charlie said. Who in the hell is Mr. Monty, I ask. The haint that lives here, Ms. Beverly, was Charlie's reply.

So started the 4 year adventure with my very own resident ghost. First of all I didn't believe in ghost and second Charlie had been highly recommended for renovation work. Maybe he'd been drinking that day. Not.

The shower door was installed. The next day it was cracked top to bottom. Anyone can get a faulty shower door so another was installed, same thing. Okay, a shower curtain will be fine. Too much other work to be done to dwell on that.

This was a beautiful old farm house right in the middle of some of the finest thoroughbred horse farms in the area. It had long be neglected and we were restoring it top to bottom. Well, Charlie was if I could keep him away from the ghost stories or the bottle.

Poor Charlie got blamed for everything; windows not closed or boarded up, garage door left open, lights left on all over the house. All these things after he had locked up and gone home for the night. I would go by to see the progress for the day and find everything wide open.

Finally the remodeling was finished and I moved in, but not alone. At least one window upstairs and one down would be open at all times. The shower would turn on, the upstairs hallway carpet was ice cold to the touch all the time. Any ashtrays not emptied before going to bed would be dumped on the floor by morning.

Nothing mean or bad and I never felt afraid or alone. I would actually find myself talking to Montague, in a joking way. Sometimes small pieces of furniture would be moved or a lamp. Then, one day I came home to my entire dining room completely re-arranged, table, china cabinet and buffet server. I left it alone. Who was I to question Montague's decorating, plus, I liked it.

A few years after moving I did learn there had been a tragic death in the house. Where are the Ghost Whispers when you need them. Maybe they could have helped Montague pass over.

This is a very true story plus many more little adventures maybe for a later post.

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Halloween!


  1. Holy cow. There is no way I would be able to live in that house. I've never seen or experienced a ghost, but you just never know. The whole spirits walking the earth scares the bejeezus out of me.

    Glad you don't live there anymore. You are a much braver person than I, Beverly. Happy Halloween!

  2. Why have I never heard this story? I would love for a ghost to come in and rearrange my furniture - a long as he vaccumed up all the crap under the sofa after he moved it.

  3. Wow. I have some little things the kids say but I have never actually had an experience such as you describe. I wish my mother would come sit on the end of my bed sometime. I have so much to tell her. Happy Halloween!

  4. Please do tell more about this! And don't wait for next year! Happy Halloween to you, too!

  5. Read your comment over on 'October Farm' blog and loved it. Had to pop over and say so. :-) You loved the crown she made, which was amazing of course. And you said you'd have worn it to church this morning. I love your attitude!!!

    I'm not attached to any religion, so I have no "horse in the Halloween/Samhain race," as it were. ,-) And I'm very happy to enjoy this holiday. But I fear that many Christians are so afraid of Halloween/Samhain. And I'm sorry for them.

    So it's delightful, to see your comment, and know that you can enjoy all, too.

    Happy Halloween/Samhain!

    Gentle hugs from,
    Another crone who would love to have that crown! :-)

  6. And I agree with 'Dulcie's' comment above. Share more with us please. I love such stories!!


    Gentle hugs...

  7. Oh Dear One, I too have Comment Verification Setting on. And thus, no SPAM or crap-o-la gets into my comments. So I don't make readers do the *dreaded* Word Ver. toooooo.

    Please, would you consider if you really have to have the *dreaded* Word. Verification Settting turned on, tooooooooo?

    Please and thank you.

  8. Sorry! I did not realize I had Word Verification turned on. Will take care of that right away. Thanks for letting me know.

  9. oh boy, great ghost story. More!!
    And I sure love the donkeys at the top of your blog. Sweetest faces.

  10. I want to read more!!!!!

    I totally believe you. We had a ghost here, but it was just my grandpa.


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