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Friday, March 4, 2011

Country Fried Cabbage

The next time you need something to serve with that pork roast, have a skillet of Country Fried Cabbage. I love cabbage any way you fix it. I use the cabbage that I froze last fall and it works great. There were six bags of cabbage hidden under the peaches and blueberries.

In a heavy skillet, fry 4 strips of bacon. Remove when crisp and set aside. Core the cabbage and divide into quarters. Place in the skillet, cooking over a medium flame. Add a pinch of sugar. Salt and pepper to taste. Gently stir, allowing the cabbage to wilt and brown. Garnish with the crumbled bacon.

Don't forget the cornbread.


  1. I love fried cabbage! I did not know to freeze cabbage however, a great solution for small families and a large head of cabbage. Thanks.

  2. I didn't know you could freeze cabbage -- except in freezer slaw. How do you do this? Thank you Bev! :)

  3. Quarter or rough chop your cabbage and place on a large sheet pan. Put it in the freezer until frozen solid. Remove from pan place in a zip lock bag and back in the freezer. Take out what you need for whatever you're making.

  4. Bev...back froze cabbage? How did you do that?...:)JP

  5. I did not know you could freeze cabbage. I thought it would get watery. I LOVE fried cabbage. I've never used bacon though. I chop in onion, squash, celery, carrot and throw in some mrs. dash and fry til tender-crisp. YUM!

  6. Bev, PLEASE write a post on how to freeze cabbage. I never knew you could freeze it!! Looks like the texture, etc. would be gone when thawing ... of course, it wouldn't matter with fried cabbage, which I love. Please tell us how you do it. Thanks, Friend.


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