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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Freezing Cabbage

Thanks for requesting how to freeze cabbage. This is so handy to have on hand for soups, stews, Creole Cabbage or Country Fried Cabbage. Or anything else you might think of.

Remove outer leaves and core of cabbage. Cut into wedges or big rough chop. Spread cabbage on large sheet pan and freeze until solid. No blanching required. I leave mine all day or overnight. Remove and place in a large zip lock bag and back in the freezer. Remove as much as you need without any problem. Don't forget to label and date the bag.

This is best used only for cooking not your favorite coleslaw.


  1. Thank you so much for these instructions, Bev! I usually have too much cabbage in summer and this is going to help alot! :)

  2. YEAH! Thanks, Bev! I can't wait use this!...:)JP

  3. I always like freezing things as my canning skills need some work! Nice tip!

  4. Thank you. I have always wondered if cabbage can be frozen.


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