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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fried Green Tomato Sandwich

Another sandwich to help if you are having a gloomy day. How could you be having a gloomy day if you have green tomatoes on the vine. That must mean the sun is shining or has been. Maybe you are trying to clean out your freeze, like me. Or just buy them at the grocery. Regardless this will make you feel better.

To build a fried green tomato sandwich you are going to have to fry some bacon and then fry your tomatoes in a little canola oil and some of the dripping left from the bacon. Next, find a loaf of good bread, of course it should be homemade. Whatever. Next glob on a large quantities of mayonnaise. Feel free to add Dijon, celery salt, Tabasco. (Add jalapenos and you have created a fried green tomato, bacon, and jalapeno sandwich). After you have spread the mayonnaise, layer lettuce on the bread. Now add the bacon and fried tomato slices. Place your sandwich on a bone china plate or wrap it in a paper towel and go eat it on the back porch. If you already have potato salad made have some of that also. Traditionally this is served with sweet tea, but a mug of beer is okay also.

You will feel better in 20 minutes. I promise.

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