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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Day

I am sooo excited! You may or may not be watching the Royal Wedding today, but I am, all day if it's on. There has to be something wrong with someone not watching a prince/princess wedding. That doesn't include men of course, we all know how they are about stuff like that. I watched Princess Di and Prince Charles's wedding 30 years ago and now Prince William and soon to be Princess Katherine.

We have nothing close to royalty in the U.S. Sorry Donald! Money doesn't buy class.

I'm having a special brunch in honor of the wedding. I made homemade English Muffins. See October Farm - Whole Wheat English Muffins. Had to have these for my Eggs Benedict. Haven't decided if I'm having Asparagus with Curry Dip or Roasted Asparagus. I'm even thinking about a few Cheese Grits to go with this to keep it on the Southern side. Of course a Bloody Mary and/or Mimmosa are on the menu.

I wish you all could come. There will only be me and the two puppys, Annie and Mazzy. However, my friend Joyce at October Farm and my niece Angie at The Jammie Girl will be having their own brunch at their homes.

If you don't have time for all this cooking make a fried egg sandwich and grab a cup of coffee and join us. Let me know if you are watching and also if you're having your own party.


  1. i am here and watching every bit of it. i am actually photographing it too!!! no eggs benedict. i couldn't pull that together this morning. there is too much else going on here. this is the least stuffy royal wedding i've ever seen!

  2. I'm looking forward to reports from you both, I still can't beleive you made your own English muffins,, do they really taste that much better,, I imagine they do,, everything homemade does.I love that the wedding isn't as stuffy,, the royals have to be royals i guess but its time they loosened up a bit.I really admired Princess Dianna, poor Kate hope shes got strong shoulders,, she's taking on a hard life , she must really love the guy.

  3. I loved the wedding because it was not so formal. I thought Kate looked beautiful. They both looked like they were having fun. I think Kate has this royal business under control. If you use the English Muffin recipe on October Farm you will never buy another English muffin. They are that good.

  4. Watched a little live feed from the computer with my morning coffee. I too love this stuff, but alas the time has come to go to work!

  5. Watching every moment. Kate and William are both beautiful. I love the bells. Such a joyous occasion. I am watching with my husband, but I would love to join you for a nice little brunch and some of that asparagus. A mimosa would be awesome.

  6. Glad you are enjoying the festivities, Bev. Sounds like a wonderful brunch you have prepared. :)


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