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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Do you remember all that food that Edie and I prepared last year for 2010 T-Day ? No one needs that much food, or should have to prepared it. Whoops, I forgot my brother deep fried the turkey.

Larry and Edie are going to Virginia to be with her Virginia family this year. My niece Angie, (the jammie girl) always likes having Thanksgiving with just her family, because Christmas is so hectic for them. Yes, I was invited, but everyone deserves a break from me. I'm sure she will be filling you in on her menu.

Sooo, that leaves my nephew and the puppies for me to cook for. Randy really doesn't like Thanksgiving dinner except for the green bean casserole recipe on the back of the cream of mushroom soup can. Yuck! I'm still baking a turkey and making stuffing and gravy, with basic vegetables. You have to have leftovers, plus the puppies love turkey.

Given a choice of anything he could think of for his Thanksgiving dinner this is his menu.

Randy's Thanksgiving Dinner 2011
Chili - seasoned hot enough to take paint off a car
Tossed Salad (no tomatoes) with Italian Dressing (Wishbone, not homemade)
Shrimp Scampi Pizza

Dessert: Little Debbie Peanut Butter Bars. This could change, but it still has to be Little Debbie something.

I could cry. I really thought I had taught him better.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Be thankful you don't have to have dinner with Randy.


  1. well if nothing else he's easy to please, I say give him what he wants.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. At least he didn't request canned ravioli. Remember when that, Little Debbie bars, and Pepsi were all he would eat? You'd think he was four, not forty! The offer's still open - put the puppies in the car and head our way!!

  3. At least the chili sounds good! lol Have a great Thanksgiving day!

  4. Your blog always brightens my day. We're going out for brunch and then having blueberry pancakes for supper, so we don't have a traditional menu either this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Oh, I dunno', after all, Randy is having Peanut butter bars!!!! Happy Thanksgiving, Beverly!

  6. One time my mother had just remarried after being a widow for many years. She took great pride in her Thanksgiving dinners. On their first Thanksgiving together, mom had a great dinner about to come out of the oven when Bill walked into the kitchen and made himself a bologna sandwich!!! I'm surprised my mother didn't divorce him on the spot. Happy Thanksgiving, Beverly.


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