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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saint and Scriptures Sunday - The Journey

On any journal, we must find out where we are before we can plan the next step.

Our lives in all aspects are a journey toward a destination, one fitting to our purpose, our special gifts, our particular needs. Each day contributes to our journey, carrying us closer to our destination. However, we often take a circuitous route. We get stranded or waylaid by our selfish desires, by the intrusion of our controlling ego.

We can reflect on the progress we've made toward our destination, the steps we've taken that have unknowingly contributed to our journey. Our easiest steps have been the ones we took in partnership with God. It's in God's mind that our path is well marked.

We are just where we need to be today. The experiences that we meet are like points on the map of our journey. Some of them are rest stops. Others resemble high-speed straightaways. The journey to our destination is not always smooth, but the more we let God sit in the driver's seat, the easier will be our ride.

I will plan my journey today with God's help, and my ride will be smooth.

Please visit The Kennedy Adventures!, for more Saint and Scriptures. Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Oh Beverly, great minds... I couldn't agree with you more. And - it's the journey that it's all about. Allowing God's Goodness and direction in my life makes the journey so enjoyable. I try to remember that life is always good, no matter what might be showing up at the time. Blessings!


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