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Friday, April 23, 2010

Feel Good Friday

I really wish I felt better on Feel Good Friday. My wonderful friend Betty has pneumonia and fluid on the ear, Betty is 85 and so involved in everything, and every ones business, did I just say that. It really is hard to see her so sick. I took her a pot of Chicken Soup and some Mini-Cornbread Muffins this morning, because chicken soup cures everything, right.

I really don't know why I'm so sad for her, because while I was there three other friends came by with, Chicken Salad, Chocolate Cake and a Baked Ham. Maybe I'm not feeling bad for Betty, I'm feeling sorry for myself. Nobody brings me anything.

To be honest I think someone forgot to tell Betty is was really sick. She is smiling her usual sweet smile and hugging and thanking everyone. I think I'll cheer myself up by making Betty's Pecan Pie and taking it to her tomorrow, but I'm keeping a piece for myself. Now I'm really "Feeling Good".

Have a wonderful week see you next Friday. Keep Betty in your prayers please.


  1. Ok prayers on the way. Stay well yourself. Hmm pie, I love pie.

  2. Well I am so sorry for Betty and had to chuckle a bit over the fact that nobody brings you anything. Probablya good thing because you are so healthy!

    I remember one time last year my husband got sick and he laid in bed and got waited on, napped and watched TV and in the back of my head I thought, "Man I wish I could lay around and watch TV..." and then I got his virus and I vowed to never want to lay around again! I was so sick and miserable.

    Hope this week is better! Are you still wearing the heels :-)


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