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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gethsemani Farms

Homemade gifts made by the Monks of the Abbey of Gethsemani at Gethsemani Farms are always special to serve or give as gifts.

Since 1848, when 44 Trappist monks from the Abbey of Melleray in western France made themselves a new home in the hills of central Kentucky, Gethsemani has been a hardworking community. Supporting themselves at first by farming, the monks now depend on their mail-order sales of homemade fruitcake, cheese and bourbon fudge.

To Trappist, work is a form of prayer. In fact the cycle of public prayers the monks chant seven times daily is known as the Work of God, or Opus Dei in Latin. Trappists also pray privately at intervals throughout the day, encountering God through the ancient monastic discipline known as lectio divina, or sacred reading.

The quality of their food is outstanding. I do not make fruitcakes for the holidays any longer. The ones you order from the Monks are far better than I have ever made or eaten anywhere. How could you find better cheese when they raise their own cows, goats and sheep. The bourbon fudge made with fresh cream and their location not 20 miles from the finest distilleries in Kentucky ensures top candy for any occasion.

You still have plenty of time to order and receive cheeses and bourbon fudge for your Kentucky Derby entertaining. Everyone will be so impressed.

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