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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kentucky Derby Dinner Menu from 1907

I thought you might enjoy seeing what a traditional Kentucky Derby Dinner might have been years ago. Somethings change, but somethings don't. Tradition is very important at Derby Time.

No, I wasn't there. This information and menu was taken from my beloved Kentucky Hospitality Cook Book, published in 1976. Kentucky's haute cuisine reached its height in the elegant banquets and Derby entertainments of the Bluegrass and other areas. A balance was struck between the folk foods of the Shaker's and the haute cuisine. The result might be something like this:

Mint Juleps
Beaten Biscuits with Derby Spread
Polk Sallet with Fried Salt Pork
Real Turtle Soup
Country Ham Stuffed with Wild Greens
Onions Viennese, Old South Asparagus, Marinated Carrots
Granny's Corn Relish
Spoon Bread
Cranberry Ice
Pralines, Anis Cookies, Marguerites
Coffee, Maxwell Place Spiced Tea

Any number of other suitable menu combinations drawing on old and new, Kentucky and foreign recipes, are possible.

Honey, our hats will change from Derby to Derby but our traditional foods will be around for another 200 years.

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