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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Everyones a Critic

Last year I was in trouble with the copyright/trademark people for the use of "Kentucky Derby Pie". Now I have someone, Maxine, telling me I should give proper credit to people who's recipes I use. I really make a sincere effort to do that. However, if I've changed a recipe the original person with the recipe might not want credit. I have been making an apple cake for 40 years that Paula Deen featured on one of her shows a few years ago. Her recipe came from her Aunt Peggy, mine from my mom. Point is, it's an old Southern recipe. Who knows where it originated. I have lots of recipes like that. Not every recipe in a cook book originated from that book.

Lets just enjoy reading our food blogs and getting new ideas and recipes and not worry about who's recipe it is. Recipes belong to everyone. Am I right?

Maxine, or anyone else, if you need to tell me something, leave it as a comment or e-mail. I'll be happy to answer anything you ask. But I do need a way to get back to you. Thanks for visiting the Back Porch.


  1. I certainly concur with you. Some recipes have been handed down for generations and who knew who they gave it to years ago to be handed down. You can't always know. I agree, if you change something, it is now yours.

  2. Interesting topic, Beverly. In Scandinavia, they make a potato-cream-anchovy dish called "Jacob's Dream". It is an an ancient recipe, made by generations of Nordic cooks and undoubtedly tweeked and adapted by many of them. It belongs to what I call the "Cooking Commons".It belongs to everyone, bequeathed by a cook now gone on to heaven. I am sure most antique southern recipes are like that. They have been through many hands and have been passed along in churches and by potlucks and by any number of mothers, sisters and aunts. How many ways can there be to make an apple cake?

    Having said this, I will point out that Mario Batali copyrights his recipes when they appear on the Cooking Channel site. Italian food is such heavily tilled soil that I have a hard time believing that what he calls "the cooking of Italian grandmothers" has not been seen and done before he filmed it.

    Anyone who tries to create "new" recipes realizes that somewhere on earth someone else may have had the same idea. I like to think no one has ever made a Shepherd's Pie meatloaf with Lamb and hominy, as I did. But how do I know? I don't. I just put the recipe out and hope someone enjoys it. And had I borrowed it from someone else, and had I tweaked it, I would probably add it was "adapted from". I guess that might make everyone happy.

    Just my thoughts on this-

  3. I think there are few of us who TRULY have our own personal recipe. I mean. there are ways we can adjust a recipe to suit our tastes and needs at times, but without taking mucho time when we are cooking, our recipes most likely have appeared somewhere else at some other time. Just my opinion on the subject.:-) Happy cooking! And - happy eating!:)

  4. It's always nice to mention if a recipe is "inspired by" someone else's recipe, and of course if it's exactly the same you should credit them. But I did research this very topic before I started posting recipes and the rule of thumb is that if you change two or more ingredients (even by amounts) or techniques it's your own version.

  5. Beverly, keep on keeping on! I agree, who has not made a recipe that was just like another's? There are only so many correct combinations, so it stands to reason that at some point there will be a duplication or near duplication. Now where were you again, oh yeah in the kitchen!

  6. If they don't like it, butt them I say! Works in the barnyard anyway. :) Some folks don't seem to have enough to do with their lives, so they devote it to making others miserable.

  7. Yup, I agree with Marigold, so take that Maxine!! And another reason I agree with Marigold is that she and my little goat Queen Quattra came from the same goat dairy so they are sorta sisters and are quite versed in these kinds of affairs!! :)

  8. I agree! To me receipes are like the Bible~FREE! I do like to say where I got them if I know, but to me if someone asks how I made something it's a compliment! Some of those old church ladies will guard them like the Crown jewels. Most of the time I just cook and have to think how I did something if asked. I am blessed with taste buds that can pick out most ingrediants, and can mimic most dishes anyway! You just keep on doing what you are doing! Love your Blog. Carol


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