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Friday, July 30, 2010

Off to College

I must be crazy for doing this post because I know it will bring the "Wrath of Angie", my niece, upon me. They are getting ready to send Aaron their first born off to college in a couple of weeks. Angie It would probably be a good idea for you to stop reading here.

These are suggestions and ideas from parents in the Central Kentucky area sending children off to college for the first time.

1. Know that this is your child's experience, not yours. It's their room let them decorate it however they want. Only offer suggestions if they ask or ask them without them knowing it's "what you think is best".

2. Don't sweat the small stuff!

3. Fight the temptation to call your child every day. You will find your child, especially boys, will have more to say when he initiates a phone call. A text message is best, it lets you know they are okay and is less embarrassing for them not to be on the phone all the time with parents.

4. Encourage them to stay on campus most weekends. They need that opportunity to meet friends, get involved on campus and make memories.

5. Don't expect boys to change sheets. This was heard by a parent at orientation, and it is true. He'll need one set of sheets for the fall and one for the spring.

6. Time management is probably the hardest thing they will have to master and more of a challenge than some of the subjects the will be studying.

7. The worst thing you can do when your child comes home for the summer or vacations is to revert back to the way things were before they left. The first time you ask "Where are you going", get ready for a fight.

These were just a few of the highlights from the article published in Kentucky Monthly Magazine.

If you agree or disagree remember I'm just the messenger.


  1. "The Wrath of Angie" - you are just looking for trouble today ;) I you know i couldn't scroll fast enough after I saw the suggestion that I stop reading! Believe it or not I actually agree with all of these. Maybe I'm not doing as badly as I thought??

  2. Time managment was the hardest thing for me to learn. . .that and living with strangers.

  3. Oh, I had to laugh about "The Wrath of Angie"!

    These are great tips!


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