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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vacation Bible School

Sunday night at our church started a little Summer Fun or mini Vacation Bible School for all ages and I mean all ages, Ella (2), Louise (92). Our lesson was to be Daniel In The Lions Den. Being the lazy person that I am I'm thinking I'll take the easy way out and volunteered for Pre-K. How in this world do you Mommies do it? I would never have made it without the help of "my assistants" Linda Hutchens and Betty Tucker.

Do all children that age have the attention span of 2 minutes, barely. Linda finally got the Daniel story read. I had checked out every children's book in Lexington on Daniel In The Lions Den. Our room had a tent covered with tree branches for the den and filled with blankets and pillows for hiding from the lions. Of course the children didn't want to stay in the "den" for the story so they walk out and I have to crawl out. Linda finishes the story outside the den while the children play back in the den throwing out all the blankets and pillows and removing the branches. All of this took about 5 minutes. I have these kids for 2 1/2 hours. Moving On.

Next we are going to decorate big cookies that I had made with the frosting in a tube. They are suppose to look like lions heads. Don't ask. After they finish their first cookie they get to eat it while we set up another cookie to be decorated. I turn around and all I can see are these little sweet faces with big black mouths. What was I thinking! We bought black frosting for the lion's eyes and mouth. Well cleaning them up took up at least 10 minutes. While the cleaning up is going on for some reason they have all removed their shoes. I'll find those later.

On to crafts. We are painting picture frames any way they like, with acrylic paint. Nuts, Nuts, Nuts! I still have black, purple and yellow on my hands. Someone is taking their pictures to be put in the frames later. The children didn't have as much paint on them as the adults, well Ella just had to lay her little arm on the paper plate that had several colors for mixing. This was a great activity because they actually sat down for a few minutes.

Next was refreshment time which was nothing more than dropping cookies on the floor, stepping on them, remember no shoes, and spilling lemonade on the cookies. I really don't think anyone ate anything because there was to much on the floor.

Time to clean them up again, now we have faces, hands, arms and feet to clean. I would have hosed them off if I could. I still have 20 minutes.

Here is the deal I tell them. If we find your shoes and you put them on we will go into the real nursery with all the real toys. Who said kids don't pay attention. This was done in about 2 minutes.

As soon as they hit the toys these little demons turned into sweet little angels and played for the next 15 minutes until Mommy and Daddy came to get them and started asking "What is all over your face?". It's okay I said it will come off in a day or two. What I'm really thinking is, be grateful we didn't have Cherry Kool-Aid.

It was all worth it when each little "angel" gave us a hug as they left.

Yes, I did take pictures, I just don't have a clue where my camera is right now.

Our next Summer Fun is in August and will be The Story of Moses. You know even Moses was a basket case at one time and I will be too if I do many more of these Summer Funs.

I will be linking this to Feel Good Friday this week.


  1. Black icing and acrylic paint?! What's the plan for August - raw eggs and knife juggling? I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall.

  2. Sounds like a little stressful but a whole lot of fun.


  3. Beverly - I laughed until I cried. I wanted the babies, but nooooo, you made me take the teenagers. Thank you. God is good.


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