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Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm Happy Because It's Feel Good Friday

This is really fun! Everyone should be doing "Feel Good Friday". Remember girls I'm old so I had to start writing mine on Monday so I wouldn't forget anything.

Saturday-Sunday - We had a beautiful week end. Got a little yard clean up done. That always feels good. Plus Randy, my nephew has the garden almost ready for planting.

Monday - Rainy and cold. That's great I need the rest and its a perfect day to make Hearty Turkey Noodle Soup. That will use up the last of the turkey bones in the freezer. I got to blog all day. That feels really good.

Tuesday - My nephew, Randy, is coming for dinner. I'm making Chicken and Rice Perlow, one of his favorites. He is such a food critic. This is the same kid that use to eat ravioli out of a can and think it was good. Now he wants to tell me when to increase the saffron or curry. I created a monster. He always makes me smile, really, laugh out loud.

Wednesday - Bible study Wednesdays are so much fun. We study for 1 hour and eat for 2. The food is always fabulous. Our oldest member, Louise, is 90 and doesn't attend very often. Oh, its not because she's 90. She is too busy, with her garden, cutting the grass or painting her house. True. You have to love country women, not only do they make you feel good they keep you on your toes. I have never heard one of them say they were "too old" to do something.

Thursday - This is really a "feel good" day. My brother, Larry, stopped by for coffee this morning, that's always nice. He has always wanted to take a cruise, actually to Alaska. He was to go last year and something happened, he didn't get to go. This year we have decided he and I are going in August. What great fun that will be. His wife, Jo Ann, doesn't like to travel, or maybe it's just fly and cruise, I'm not sure. Anyway I'm sure he will bring her a nice gift. Think of all the pictures I'll have to share and lots of new recipes. I'm so excited.

I've had a wonderful week and hope you have too. Do something nice for yourself everyday, even if it's only a few extra minutes in the shower. Thanks for letting me join in on "Feel Good Friday".


  1. I know you guys will have a fabulous time - I'm so excited for you!

  2. I envy you getting to play in the dirt and (almost) having your garden ready for planting! We had 12 inches of snow last weekend, so it'll be a while for us! Sounds like you had a terrific week! Happy Friday!

  3. I want to be like Louise. Your back porch is so cozy and your blog is warm and fuzzy.
    I cruised once and loved it. Have your best time ever.

  4. My grandmother was the type of country woman you described. Definitely hard to keep up with them!

    Enjoyed your post.

  5. Thank YOU for participating!

    Your week sounded lovely and delighful! I love gardening too. I had a friend who took a cruise to Alaska and he just had the best time!


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